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What is Opera Sull'Aria - Aerial Opera?

Opera Sull'Aria is a combination of two thrilling art forms: classical vocal arts and aerial silks. It is a unique combo that aims to inspire the audience to be daring and creative.

Etta Fung is the only opera-aerialist in Asia, and was hired to sing the role of Amour on aerial silks at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Alberta, Canada in July 2018 and received critical acclaim.

Etta was invited to make a documentary with the artist docu-series "Artspiration" (好想藝術) by RTHK 31, which will be broadcasted in 2022. She has also been interviewed by the South China Morning Post; KHOU on Chanel 11 in Houston, Texas; China Daily, HOKK Fabrica and 果籽 of the Hong Kong Apple Daily; and published an article on Asian-American Ambassadors on being an Asian female soprano and how to create a unique identity as an opera singer.



photo credits to Jason Yung

Etta, The Marionette (Doll's Aria)
Morgen by Struass (Solveiga)
Etta, soprano, der hölle Rache
Etta, der hölle Rache
Etta plays Titania, the fairyqueen
Chanson triste, Solveiga
Solveiga, aerialist
Etta, Titania the fairyqueen
Etta, Marionette variation (Doll)
Chanson triste (Solveiga)
Etta (Doll)
Aerial Opera 7_12, Solveiga
Solveiga Baltusyte, aerialist
The Aerial Opera Team
Aerial Opera 7/11/17
Etta, Crossback Straddle (Doll)
Man on the Moon
The Aerial Opera Team
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